Why you should switch to Hand Dryer from a Paper Towel

From a honest point of view who sells both Paper Towel and Hand Dryers, it mainly depends on the reason you need hand dryer or paper towel It is true that Paper Towel are the most hygienic, but recently with advancement of technology and with HEPA filter it has became more and more mandatory for the hand dryers industry to work on toes and be hygienic Size & Place For a place like shopping malls and supermarkets, using hand dryer will save both the time and money, where you have more than 10 people in an hour using toilets or any whatsoever reason to dry hands, it is much more useful when you have a hand dryer in place, this reduces the overall cost, imagine how much paper towels you will need in a shopping mall. Ultimately paper towels are made from trees, and using hand dryers in such a crowded environment just makes sense In comparison to that, you are a household of just 2 persons, using paper towels is more efficient and cost-effective than using hand dryers But, if you have friends or family coming over to you every weekend and you want to make the environment more hygienic, one of the ways you can do this is having a normal hand dryer which does not cost more than $200 rather than paper towels, Check out our picks under $200. For More details benefits: Focusing on the benefits of buying or investing into a hand dryer or a commercial hand dryer. Click here.