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  1. The Complete Guide to Hand Dryers

    The Complete Guide to Hand Dryers A hand dryer is a device that is used to dry hands. It works by using a either a button to press to emit air or a sensor to automatically detect when to blow warm air over the hands to evaporate the water on the skin. It usually takes between 15-30 seconds for all the water to evaporate and the hands to be fully dried. Cool, right? Fun fact: The very first hand dryer was invented in 1887 by American inventor George Greenough. It was made of wood and metal and it had a little fan that blew air over the hands. Read more...
  2. Hand Dryers Noise Level Explained

    Hand Dryers Noise Level Explained Customers and Facilities managers are becoming increasingly concerned about the noise level of hand dryers. Loud hand dryers can make washrooms and areas in close proximity to office space disturbing and sometimes distractive. Read more...

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