How to use hand Dryers effectively

How to use hand Dryers effectively

Did you know almost 60% of the total individuals who use a hand dryer use it wrongly?

The number was shocking to us too, hence it was time to mention or take 100% advantage of how to use the hand dryers effectively

Hand dryers are often present in public restrooms. Although they are very helpful in keeping hands dry, they can also be dangerous to use due to their tendency to contaminate liquids.

1. How to operate a hand dryer

Getting your hands thoroughly washed before using a Hand Dryer is an important step to prevent the spread of germs. Use warm or cold running water to wet your hands. To get started, apply soap and lather your hands together. Be careful to avoid rubbing them together since this can cause dehydration. To remove soap, rub them together and take a minimum of 10 seconds to scrub.

2. Shake your hands well

Get rid of the moisture from your hands by shaking them into the sink after washing them. This will help remove the excess moisture.

3. Following Instructions

Hand dryers have feature detailed instructions on how to operate the unit.

4. Placing Correctly

Place your hands under the unit to avoid accidentally placing them on the counter. This eliminates the need to press a button to activate the unit. Position your palms on the jet of air and gently lift the water around the palm to encourage it to roll off. Although it might seem like a simple gesture, rubbing your hands together while holding a clothes dryer can actually lead to the spread of bacteria. Your hands should be completely dry before they are placed under the dryer. Doing so will prevent the spread of bacteria.

5. Avoid touching

When using the clothes dryer, keep your hands at the bottom of the unit to avoid spreading germs. Also, avoid touching the rim or the unit's other surface, which can harbor bacteria. And that is it, Hand dryers automatically shut off when you walk away.

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