Hand Dryers Noise Levels Part 2

A new chart presented to work out the noise level in db in comparison to Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers Noise Levels Part 2, Decibel Chart

 The below chart is approxite, measured from a distance of 100cm from the sourceHand Dryers Noise Levels Part 2, Comparison Chart


The following chart compares standard models (all with motion detector sensors) for these hand dryers.  The decibel ratings for the Dyson, Xlerator, and Model A are from the Acoustical Society of America report.  The others are provided by the hand dryer manufacturers.  Dry times are our own estimates and, as you can understand, they are subjective and subject to dispute.  Hand dryer manufacturers use their own techniques for measuring both dry time and noise levels.  So their data may be more accurate than our own estimates which are not scientific.

Hand Dryer
Model #
Dry Time (sec)
Approx ($)
Approx Decibels
Dyson Airblade
AB 14
1549 80
8 349 95
World Dryer
Jetoz 46 12
Vortex VX21 20 244 70
Ozwashroom OZ2300 20 299 72
Ozwashroom DM1800 40 100

High airflow hand dryers are found in many public restrooms and office blocks today. These dryers offer quick and clean hand drying, and are seenas being an environment-friendly alternative to     paper towels. However, many new hand dryers are loud, exposing individuals using the facilities. While handdryers do reduce paper trash, they pose as a different sort of hazard to our environment and population.

Many people don't know the measure of noise intensity (in dB) of the noise produced by the air dryers in restrooms.

The decibel ( dB) is used to measure sound level. The dB is a logarithmic way of describing noise. We relate dB to the phones and the machinaries (related to loudness), and now adays it is a measure of hand dryer noise. 

So in order to make it easier for any facility manager or builder or any person intending to purchase a hand dryer to decide, we have produced a simple chart of noise levels associated with different environment compared with differnt models of hand dryers.


Created by 

Richard Dawood



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