Best Hand Dryer in Australia

Best Hand Dryer in Australia

Ozwashroom is one of the leading brands in Australia, loved by more than 50,000 customers in Australia with more than 770 reviews online with 4.4 avg. star rating and 82% returning customers. [source="Google]"

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Installation guide for our featured product and brand Vortex VXL-S

One of the most hygienic ways to maintain COVID safe standards is to use hand dryers as WHO said “use paper towels or hand dryers for your bathroom or toilet hygiene, do not use a cloth to spread germs”. Ozwashroom is a proud Australian seller of Paper towels and hand dryers these are the top 2 ways of maintaining bathroom or toilet cleanliness and hygiene

Ozwashroom is a proud owner of brands like Vortex, Kanga-Kare, Freshnex, ozwashroom, and JetOz established in 2007. Ozwashroom has served more than.

This superfast hand dryer is electric, safe, and hygienic.

Modern-designed, Automatic Hand dryer, Vortex proudly owned by Ozwashroom based in Australia.

Hand dryers are touchless and COVID safe, dry your hands in 8 - 10 seconds with filtered air technology (HEPA filter), this lets filtered and hygienic airflow throughout your bathroom or washroom.

Hand dryers save a lot of costs as well, as time passes, it is estimated that on average in a shopping mall (high traffic), Hand dryers save almost $100/day compared to paper towels.

The Vortex hand dryer VXL-S is super fast with 8 - 10 seconds drying time, with a HEPA filter. If you compare vortex hand dryer VXL-S with Dyson hand dryer, the only difference is the price, the vortex jet hand dryer is just $799 delivered while the Dyson similar hand dryer (AB-14) is $1729 which is a $930 difference.

Keep your bathrooms and near environment most hygienic with

Vortex VXL-S Installation Guide

Vortex VXL-S

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