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Outdoor Ashtray| Stainless Steel Ashtray | Cigarette Outside Ashtray | Buttout Outdoor Ashtrays
Cigarette Outdoor Ashtray

Cigarette Outdoor Ashtray

AS003S Small Outdoor Stainless Steel Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*AS003S Small Outdoor Stainless Steel Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*
AS005 Outdoor Ashtray Stainless SteelAS005 Outdoor Ashtray Stainless Steel
AS024 Smokers Floor AshtrayAS024 Smokers Floor Ashtray
AS001 Floor Mount Outdoor Ashtray Stainless SteelAS001 Floor Mount Outdoor Ashtray Stainless Steel
AS009 S'Steel Waste Bin and AshtrayAS009 S'Steel Waste Bin and Ashtray
AS008 Large OutDoor Ashtray Mirror Finish *ON BACKORDER*AS008 Large OutDoor Ashtray Mirror Finish *ON BACKORDER*
AS004 Out Door Ashtray Satin Finish * ONBACKORDER*AS004 Out Door Ashtray Satin Finish * ONBACKORDER*
AS005S Keyless OutDoor AshtrayAS005S Keyless OutDoor Ashtray
AS017 Outdoor Ashtray Satin Finish*ON BACKORDER*AS017 Outdoor Ashtray Satin Finish*ON BACKORDER*
AS002 Free Standing Floor Mount Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*AS002 Free Standing Floor Mount Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*
AS010L Cigarette Outdoor Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*AS010L Cigarette Outdoor Ashtray *ON BACKORDER*
Cigarette Ashtray Stainless Steel

Cigarette Ashtray Stainless Steel

Eliminate Cigarette Waste, Enhance your image. Keep Cigarette Waste hidden from public view with our full line of outside ashtrays. The commercial cigarette bin is the latest product to be added to our range of outdoor ashtrays. Designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance it is ideal where a large capacity commercial ashtray is required. An attractive but simple design, available in stainless steel.

smoking outside

smoking outside

Smoking in the home is not a desirable thing. It causes smelly furniture and dingy curtains and walls, and it can even cause health problems for anyone living in your home. At the same time, when you send smokers outside, it's not a pretty sight to see cigarette butts scattered throughout your yard and on your porch. This is why an outdoor cigarette ashtray comes in handy when guests are over.

Due to 
the current legislation in regards to smoking outside there is a major increase in requirements for cigarette bins. There is nothing more distasteful than cigarette ends littering the outside of a public house, restaurant or workplace. This is where the cigarette bins can make a major difference in making sure your premises are kept litter free and clean. Cigarette bins have now been developed to not only ensure that you are litter free but also to blend in to the surrounding areas.
Ozwashroom is the Authorised distributor of :

Ozwashroom is the Authorised distributor of :

We sell all Bobrick & RBA washroom products at trade price  We sell all Koala Kare products at trade price We sell all Asi JD Macdonald Washroom Products at trade price We sell all Metlam Products at trade price

Some Of Our Clients

Some Of Our Clients

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Brendan (intract Constructions)

I placed an order last week of your products for our own personal use. When I rang with an inquiry about one of your products on special, my questions were all answered promptly and professionally, All of the products I ordered were VERY well packed against breakage or spillage. They were delivered very FAST.I am VERY impressed with the quality of ALL the products we ordered from you. 

Double A cleaning Adelaide

I was not expecting such good quality for such a low price. Your staff deserve to me commended for their professional approach. I would like to take the time to Thank you for outstanding service in such a demanding industry. I WILL be recommending your services to everyone. Thank you for your time. Drew Byars, Double A cleaning Adelaide

Port City Christian Church

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks , the replacement unit arrived a few minutes ago. I really appreciate the great service you gave and how quickly you got everything to us. It’s refreshing when someone makes it easy instead of hard – so thank you.

Eric from Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

I just have one bad thing to say about ozwashroom…. I wish I had found them years ago! friendly and professional. The fast turn around time and attention to detail is unheard of in the cleaning supplies industry. All these points are fantastic, but, even more importantly; ozwashroom have reduced our expenses significantly.  

Ann D. - St Albans Primary School 

Hi just rang and asked for some help to purchase soap dispensers for our school – the person on the phone was extremely helpful – Just wanted to say Thank you for good service. Also I have faxed an order for 3 dispensers for our school.   Enjoy the rest of your day. 

KC Mak (building manager of Manning Building, Haymarket, Sydney)

Ozwashroom won over other suppliers and supplied 30 plus Jet Hand Dryers installed in our busy building over the last 7 months. I am honour to say that their merchandise proved to be very reliable and extremely affordable.Ozwashroom service is very friendly, goods properly packed and mail delivered within a few days every time. As a building manager, I sure will recommend 

Kimberley from Designer Surgery

Everything was above and beyond what I expected. I am quite impressed with your level of customer service. Our purchase of Soap & towel  dispensers from ozwashroom website  has completely changed how I look at online business.


Dear Sir thank you very much for the quick and excellent service in delivering my two boxes of Facial Tissues to my house they arrived this morning at around 9.15am 1406/2017 the courier driver in an excellent job delivering parcel thank you.
Michael P.

Washroom accessories| hand dryer|Dyson|Jet Dryers

Washroom accessories| hand dryer|Dyson|Jet Dryers

ozwashroom|Commercial Washroom|Toilet Accessories

ozwashroom|Commercial Washroom|Toilet Accessories

Ozwashroom specialises in toilet accessories australia, bathroom accessories, washroom accessoriesbathroom supplies, bathroom accessories Australia, washroom productswe also sell paper towel bulk. Some people type oz-washroom or oz washroom or even with "s" such as ozwashrooms, All those terms will be directed to ozwashroom.com, Our main marker is the commercial sector of the building industry, we supply commercial washroom supplies, accessories bath, bathroom accessories online, and we are based in Victoria but we supply all over Australia from Cairns to Karatha, we are the biggest online washroom accessories store in Melbourne for bathroom accessories supplies, which include hand dryers and dispensers as well as paper towels.
Floor AshtrayFloor Ashtray
The are three different type of free standing floor ashtray's available, one model is the open 'box' type made of a light powder coated metal. The other two are long, slimer models made of polished stainless steel that can be screwed to the ground or weighed down with weight bags. One has an open top and the other is covered. Both models safely store cigarette butts, ash and embers.
Surface MountedSurface Mounted
Our surface mounted ashtrays are all made of high grade stainless steel suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. These ashtrays are available in different styles and sizes to suit all users. They include a lock to keep all cigarettes, ash and embers stored away.