What Makes a Washroom complete? Here is a list of 19 Washroom essentials you need for your Washroom in your residence or house

Here is a list of 19 Washroom essentials you need for your Washroom in your residence or house

1. A Great Layout:

A great layout is the foundation of a successful Washroom design. It involves planning ahead and ensuring that the room will function seamlessly. You also need to consider the environment and the features that will enhance its appearance.

A good place to start is by selecting the right fixtures.

2. Washroom Basin

The right basin will fit well in the space you have and will provide the functionality you need. Wall-mounted basins are also ideal for small Washrooms.

This type of basin draws more floor space into the room. It also makes the room look bigger. If there is more than one person using the Washroom, consider a double basin.

3. Mirrors

The right Washroom mirror can completely transform a space and make it look more

functional. Position the mirror above the Washroom furniture and basin.

Position the mirror in the ideal location to make it accessible to everyone. Also, make sure it doesn’t take up too much space. Ideally, a large mirror should be placed in a prominent location to reflect more light.

4. Beautifully designed Water Taps

Your Washroom tapware can make a statement and add a personal touch to any room in the house. There is a huge range of designs and colors to choose from, so you can create a unique and stylish look for your Washroom. If the tap is not functional or not easy to use for children or the elderly, it is important to make sure that the water taps are easily accessible & easy to use.

5. Shower

One of the most-used features of a Washroom is the shower. Getting it right can make a huge difference to how it works and how much space it has.

You also need to think about the type of shower that will be used. If it’s for everyone, then a full-length shower screen should be chosen. A smaller screen is ideal for making the Washroom look bigger.

6. Towel rails & Hooks

You should always have easy access to your towels when in use. A towel rail or Hook should be able to accommodate both large and small towels.

7. Good Lighting

A good lighting system is important for a Washroom. It should be focused on providing natural light and not artificial ones. You should also consider the type of light that will work for the room.

You may also need task lighting near the shower or the bathtub. If you have a lot of people using the same area, then you may want to consider different lighting options.

All light fixtures should be moisture-proof and safe to install.

8. Good ventilation

Good Ventilation helps keep your Washroom clean and healthy. It also prevents bacteria and mold from building up.

9. Rubbish-Bin & Rubbish bin bags

Rubbish-Bin and rubbish-bin bags are one of the important parts of Washrooms or washrooms to maintain cleanliness standards, placing a rubbish bin near the toilet to throw the core or anything easy in the bin, near your basin, is another location for throwing or disposing of trash in your washroom. Filling trash or rubbish in a rubbish bin without any rubbish-bin bags is not hygienic and besides disposing of trash or waste in the rubbish bin often will end up making fowl or stinking smell to the whole washroom over time.

10. Washroom Furniture

Washroom furniture will just complete the look, for example, a Washroom vanity which draws attention to the room and to add extra features we think it should be durable and well-made.

In a small Washroom, a wall-hung unit is a good choice. It allows more floor space to be visible and makes the room look bigger. If you have children, a wall-mounted unit may be ideal for them.

Having nicely designed & nicely placed cabinets for extra storage options, also have options for keeping toothbrushes like toothbrush holders, soap dish to hold soaps, and toilet roll holders to place toilet rolls. This finishes the complete look of a fully equipped Washroom.

11. Hand Soap & Hand Sanitisers

In the pandemic during COVID-19 it has become a priority to use Hand Soap & hand sanitiser for maximum personal hygiene and cleanliness, there are heaps of options available such as Biodegradable, eco-friendly, hospital grade, and many many more. Select the best Hand Soap & the Hand Sanitisers which suits you the best and make sure it is placed well near the basin.

12. Non-skid bath mat

Washroom floors or tiles are often slippery because of the constant moisture or the water outlets dripped on the floor there are numerous reasons for that, so it is important to place non-skid bath mats inside the shower area and Washroom mats at places to avoid any accidents.

13. Toilet Papers

Using Good Quality Toilet Papers and making sure to have at least a few extra toilet rolls in stock for its use.

14. Paper Towels or Hand Dryer

WHO during COVID-19 pandemic, referred to use Paper Towels or Hand Dryer to wipe your hands clean rather than using any cloth, also we believe for the best hygiene purposes it is safer and easy to use Paper Towels or hand dryers to avoid touching any surfaces or to re-use it, again and again, causing more germs.

15. Washroom cleaning supplies

Washroom cleaning supplies are really important such as toilet cleaner, toilet brush, Washroom cleaning supplies, etc. to maintain cleanliness.

16. Sanitary Bin

Now, this is not a requirement but this is an added feature you can have for your Washroom, as commercially a place to dispose of sanitary pads is a requirement legally. Now, Sanitary Bin have a great range of benefits such as

Hygiene & cleanliness

Preventing injuries and contamination

17. Washroom & toilet locks or partitions

Another optional feature is to have an added layer of lock if your washroom does not have any when you are sharing your washroom with others as well, it gives extra privacy.

18. Urinal blocks

Urinal blocks are great for disinfecting your washroom, it is advisable to place the blocks where most infections can occur for example your drainage hole (flange) placing a couple of those near those might help reduce infections caused and can remove any odor.

19. Fragrance dispensers with Fragrance sprays

Last but not least who does not like a nice fragrance when entering your washroom, there is a saying "The first impression is the last impression" and being said that imagine yourself entering your washroom and getting a nice scent every time you step inside, how about lasting that feeling forever, automatic Fragrance dispensers and fragrance sprays helps to remove any odor smell occurs and keeps the integrity of the washroom.

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