What were restrooms like in the old days?

A hole in the ground, what was available and located outside in the backyard. 

Dig a hole, but a small outhouse over it. Paper, if provided, was usually a farmer’s almanac, the most recent newspaper, or a corn-cob. What Did People Use Before Toilet Paper?


To wash your hands? That’s what dirt is for. You saved the real washing right before mealtime as was tradition for many centuries. History of Hygiene: Bathing, Teeth Cleaning, Toileting, & Deodorising


Once away from society’s restrictions on bathing and washing hands before meals, occasionally you did have the rebellious person out west who just didn’t want to. They didn’t always get access to the best … ladies of the evening, or food. So there was still some encouragement to hygiene.

Wooden Toilet in nowhere, old toilet cubicle