Install baby changing table & Make your business a convenient place

Install baby changing table & Make your business a convenient place

Install baby changing table & Make your business a convenient place If your business has good bathroom space, we suggest you invest in Baby changing tables. Believe us, this is such an investment, you will never regret it. Baby changing tables are like blessings to customers who are parents for parents. If your business can provide this add-on facility at your premises, you stand a chance to be a memorable place for them.

Baby changing tables offer parents the best solution to change baby diapers with more comfort. Mothers are always looking for a safe, hygienic and efficient space for her baby's diaper changing. What is the best way to impress Clients other than this? Baby changing stations, being essential bathroom accessories, will impress your customers and they will want to visit such places repeatedly. We can say this strongly because we get real feedback and reviews from our customers. We have our customer base from various industries like restaurants, hospitals, Gyms, Gas stations and various public restrooms too.

  There are plenty of modern designs available for Baby change stations in market right now, The best part is that the modern baby change tables are very easy to install and come in various sizes and styles. Depending on your business nature and size The modern design of most changing tables is also quite an advantage because they can be installed and used in many different bathroom sizes and styles. Also, they are well built and strong enough to survive at least a minimum of 10 years. They also require very very rare replacements or maintenance. The maintenance is easy, that even your team can do it once, they are guided. The regular wear and tear can be prevented with regular service. Now when there are plenty of options available in the market, you definitely tend to confuse between different models.

We are here to assist you in buying the best one for your business. We have baby change stations of Top brands like :- ASI JD Mcdonalds Rubbermaid Koala Care Metlam baby table Kanga Care One of our best selling baby changing table is Kanga Kare Baby Change Station Light Grey SKU - KK1689 (Picture of the model) Here is the direct link to our most loved baby change table model Kanga Kare KK1689 , this baby change station is well built with polypropylene and a unibody steel chassis The exact dimentions are as follows :- Open 879mm(L)*500mm(W)*516mm(H) Closed: 870mm(L)*500mm(W)*100mm(D). This Baby changing station supports 20kgs with minimal deflection The steel-on-steel hinge has greater resistance to wear and improved durability and the gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close of the unit Liner dispenser features two liner cavities. Each cavity holds 25 liners, for a combined total of 50 liners per unit We do have other models from the same brand. Don't miss out on checking other models too.

Baby Changing Stations Are Advantages To Parents You can check Our site for more information about the various baby change tables. Every unit comes with its set of instructions. It is advisable to keep the instruction manual with you until you are used to the unit. So what are you waiting for? Welcome your customers with this additional and important facility at your premises. OZWashroom suggests you consider this investment and order one for your business now.

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