Automatic Sanitary Bin

Automatic Sanitary Bin

No touch

OzWashroom SBA001 doesn't require any touching whatsoever, even by its user! With our patented technology, you can go in and out of the restroom without ever touching anything. It's fast, it's sanitary, and it's perfect for busy women who don't have time to wait in line!


No one wants to be touched by other dirty hands when they're on their way to go. OzWashroom automatic sanitary bin is hygienic because no one has to touch anything when they're using it. You can feel at ease knowing that nothing will contaminate you when you leave the bathroom.

Cheap and fast

SBA-001, Sanitary Bin gif animated

OzWashroom automatic Female disposal units are affordable and efficient because it requires very little effort on behalf of its user. This means that women won't have to worry about wasting their time in lines or paying for costly products when they could be using OzWashroom instead.

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