Outdoor Ashtray Stands for Cigarette Butt Disposal

As per survey reports, the cigarette butts are major source of litter over public places. Give your visitors or a safe and clutter free space when they visit you. Keep your backyard, front yard free of unsightly cigarette butts. The harmful materials and chemicals in cigarettes like nicotine, benzene are highly responsible for pollution of environments. Air pollution, aquatic pollution and land pollution is caused by leftover cigarette butts. Every smoker cannot filter the harmful particles, so to reduce the impact of discarded butts, ashtrays has become one of the most selling tobacco products. According to some well researched market facts it is estimated that 6 trillion cigarettes are smoked around the world. It has become a necessary thing to save non smoking human life and environemet. There have been number of advancements in terms of design adaptability, material used to manufacture these outdoor ashtrays. The Outdoor ashtrays are very hard and sturdy to stand all season. Various brands are coming up with portable ashtrays.