5 signs that you are Maintaining Good hygiene standards

5 signs that you are Maintaining Good hygiene standards Entering a lockdown is not ideal and not maintaining hygiene is the worst of all, so we suggest 5 signs to maintain a happy and healthy hygiene standards to protect your health and people around you.

1. Washing your hands thoroughly

It is really important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and for that we have a perfect product 100% Australian Made and Owned

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2. Are you certain that your sanitiser is safe to eat food after using it? Check out our special food safe non-alcohol sanitiser which ensures having food is safe even after using it

Food Safe Non-Alcohol Sanitiser Suitable for Solid Surfaces, No Rinse SAN35

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3. Sanitising your hands is equally important to washing hands, it is recommended to use sanitizer after every touch on the surface, especially the high touch surfaces. Government ran a program to sanitise the high touch surfaces on the streets and public places to keep everyone safe, but what happens when you have to touch the sanitiser again, for that we have a solution.

Automatic Soap or Hand sanitiser dispensers

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4. Wearing a face covering (mask) at public places

Check out our KN95 masks which is Anti-bacterial/ Anti-Dust/ Anti-Smog with 95% filtration rate to keep you safe and comfortable Wearing face mask in public

5. Wearing gloves when touching/working at high touched surfaces, generally going to the supermarket and touching high touch surfaces like trolley

Check out our hand gloves range

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