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Metlam Quality Washroom Accessories | Australian Made Washroom Equipment | Metlam Commercial Products Metlam
Product List

Product List

ML921 Metlam Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 23 L-SSML921 Metlam Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 23 L-SS
ML950SS Metlam Automatic Dispenser 1 LML950SS Metlam Automatic Dispenser 1 L
ML602AR Metlam Elipse Soap DispenserML602AR Metlam Elipse Soap Dispenser
ML5891 Metlam Sturt Glass ShelfML5891 Metlam Sturt Glass Shelf
ML775 Metlam Stainless Steel Polished MirrorML775 Metlam Stainless Steel Polished Mirror
ML605W Metlam Vertical Soap Dispenser-White CoatML605W Metlam Vertical Soap Dispenser-White Coat
ML770 Metlam Stainless Steel Framed MirrorML770 Metlam Stainless Steel Framed Mirror
ML833-W Metlam Triple Toilet Roll Dispenser-WhiteML833-W Metlam Triple Toilet Roll Dispenser-White
ML726W Metlam Paper Towel DispenserML726W Metlam Paper Towel Dispenser
ML4159 Metlam Dual Coat HookML4159 Metlam Dual Coat Hook
ML640AS Metlam Recessed Horizontal Soap DispenserML640AS Metlam Recessed Horizontal Soap Dispenser
ML-6004-PSS Metlam Double Toilet Roll HolderML-6004-PSS Metlam Double Toilet Roll Holder
HK-JA-05 Metlam Auto Operation Hand DryerHK-JA-05 Metlam Auto Operation Hand Dryer
ML616-6 Metlam Basin Soap DispenserML616-6 Metlam Basin Soap Dispenser
ML628-4 Metlam Vanity Soap DispenserML628-4 Metlam Vanity Soap Dispenser
ML113SS Metlam Stainless Steel Single Toilet Roll HolderML113SS Metlam Stainless Steel Single Toilet Roll Holder
EcoFast05 Metlam Auto Operational Hand DryerEcoFast05 Metlam Auto Operational Hand Dryer
ML920 Metlam Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 92 L-SSML920 Metlam Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 92 L-SS
ML706 Metlam Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Receptacle 19 LML706 Metlam Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Receptacle 19 L
ML204 Metlam Coat HookML204 Metlam Coat Hook
ML725AR Metlam Ellipse Paper Towel DispenserML725AR Metlam Ellipse Paper Towel Dispenser
ML800AR Metlam Toilet Paper Dispenser Surface Mount Double RollML800AR Metlam Toilet Paper Dispenser Surface Mount Double Roll
ML216 Metlam Stainless Steel HookML216 Metlam Stainless Steel Hook
ML663W Metlam ABS Soap DispenserML663W Metlam ABS Soap Dispenser
ML777 Metlam Stainless Steel Polished MirrorML777 Metlam Stainless Steel Polished Mirror
ML260 Metlam Series Recessed Single Toilet Roll HolderML260 Metlam Series Recessed Single Toilet Roll Holder
ML234-S Metlam Recessed Soap HolderML234-S Metlam Recessed Soap Holder
ML710 Metlam Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Bin 6.5LML710 Metlam Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Bin 6.5L
ML6084 PSS Metlam Paterson Soap Dish and ShelfML6084 PSS Metlam Paterson Soap Dish and Shelf
ML-6094-PSS Metlam Dress TrimML-6094-PSS Metlam Dress Trim
ML261-SM Metlam Series Single Toilet Roll Holder-SSML261-SM Metlam Series Single Toilet Roll Holder-SS
ML600AS Metlam Horizontal Soap DispenserML600AS Metlam Horizontal Soap Dispenser
ML6224 Metlam Lachlan Single Toilet Roll HolderML6224 Metlam Lachlan Single Toilet Roll Holder
202C Metlam Concealed Fix Coat Hook202C Metlam Concealed Fix Coat Hook
ML239B Metlam Soap BasketML239B Metlam Soap Basket
ML4094-W Metlam Interfold Toilet Paper Dispenser-WhiteML4094-W Metlam Interfold Toilet Paper Dispenser-White
ML710R Metlam Waste Receptacle 9 LML710R Metlam Waste Receptacle 9 L
ML-6000-PSS Metlam Single Toilet Roll HolderML-6000-PSS Metlam Single Toilet Roll Holder
ML275-S Metlam Facial tissue & Hygenic Gloves DispenserML275-S Metlam Facial tissue & Hygenic Gloves Dispenser
ML6234 Metlam Toilet Brush and HolderML6234 Metlam Toilet Brush and Holder
ML931 Metlam Corner Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 19L-SSML931 Metlam Corner Wall Mount Waste Receptacle 19L-SS
ML862 Metlam Jumbo Toilet Roll DispenserML862 Metlam Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser
ML240-B Metlam Corner Soap BasketML240-B Metlam Corner Soap Basket
ML837 Metlam Single Toilet Roll HolderML837 Metlam Single Toilet Roll Holder
EcoFast01 Metlam Auto operation Hand DryerEcoFast01 Metlam Auto operation Hand Dryer
ML4158 Metlam Coat HookML4158 Metlam Coat Hook
ML641AS Metlam Recessed Vertical Soap DispenserML641AS Metlam Recessed Vertical Soap Dispenser
ML260-SM Metlam Series Single Toilet Roll Holder-SSML260-SM Metlam Series Single Toilet Roll Holder-SS
ML-6050-PSS Metlam Single Toilet Roll HolderML-6050-PSS Metlam Single Toilet Roll Holder
ML635 Metlam Lockable Soap DispenserML635 Metlam Lockable Soap Dispenser
ML628 Metlam Soap Pump CollarML628 Metlam Soap Pump Collar
ML725W Metlam Paper Towel Dispenser- White CoatML725W Metlam Paper Towel Dispenser- White Coat
ML800 Metlam Double Toilet Roll DispenserML800 Metlam Double Toilet Roll Dispenser
ML-6080-PSS Metlam 450mm ShelfML-6080-PSS Metlam 450mm Shelf
HK-2200-SRA Metlam Automatic Hand DryerHK-2200-SRA Metlam Automatic Hand Dryer
HK-QA-01-SSS-B Metlam Automatic Hand DryerHK-QA-01-SSS-B Metlam Automatic Hand Dryer
ML725SS Metlam Paper Towel DispenserML725SS Metlam Paper Towel Dispenser
ML5856 Metlam Sturt Single Toilet Roll HolderML5856 Metlam Sturt Single Toilet Roll Holder
ML6082 PSS Metlam Paterson Soap Dish and ShelfML6082 PSS Metlam Paterson Soap Dish and Shelf
ML-6049-PSS Metlam Double Toilet Roll HolderML-6049-PSS Metlam Double Toilet Roll Holder
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Ozwashroom is the Authorised distributor of :

Ozwashroom is the Authorised distributor of :

We sell all Bobrick & RBA washroom products at trade price  We sell all Koala Kare products at trade price We sell all Asi JD Macdonald Washroom Products at trade price We sell all Metlam Products at trade price

Some Of Our Clients

Some Of Our Clients

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Brendan (intract Constructions)

I placed an order last week of your products for our own personal use. When I rang with an inquiry about one of your products on special, my questions were all answered promptly and professionally, All of the products I ordered were VERY well packed against breakage or spillage. They were delivered very FAST.I am VERY impressed with the quality of ALL the products we ordered from you. 

Double A cleaning Adelaide

I was not expecting such good quality for such a low price. Your staff deserve to me commended for their professional approach. I would like to take the time to Thank you for outstanding service in such a demanding industry. I WILL be recommending your services to everyone. Thank you for your time. Drew Byars, Double A cleaning Adelaide

Port City Christian Church

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks , the replacement unit arrived a few minutes ago. I really appreciate the great service you gave and how quickly you got everything to us. It’s refreshing when someone makes it easy instead of hard – so thank you.

Eric from Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

I just have one bad thing to say about ozwashroom…. I wish I had found them years ago! friendly and professional. The fast turn around time and attention to detail is unheard of in the cleaning supplies industry. All these points are fantastic, but, even more importantly; ozwashroom have reduced our expenses significantly.  

Ann D. - St Albans Primary School 

Hi just rang and asked for some help to purchase soap dispensers for our school – the person on the phone was extremely helpful – Just wanted to say Thank you for good service. Also I have faxed an order for 3 dispensers for our school.   Enjoy the rest of your day. 

KC Mak (building manager of Manning Building, Haymarket, Sydney)

Ozwashroom won over other suppliers and supplied 30 plus Jet Hand Dryers installed in our busy building over the last 7 months. I am honour to say that their merchandise proved to be very reliable and extremely affordable.Ozwashroom service is very friendly, goods properly packed and mail delivered within a few days every time. As a building manager, I sure will recommend 

Kimberley from Designer Surgery

Everything was above and beyond what I expected. I am quite impressed with your level of customer service. Our purchase of Soap & towel  dispensers from ozwashroom website  has completely changed how I look at online business.


Dear Sir thank you very much for the quick and excellent service in delivering my two boxes of Facial Tissues to my house they arrived this morning at around 9.15am 1406/2017 the courier driver in an excellent job delivering parcel thank you.
Michael P.

Washroom accessories| hand dryer|Dyson|Jet Dryers

Washroom accessories| hand dryer|Dyson|Jet Dryers

ozwashroom|Commercial Washroom|Toilet Accessories

ozwashroom|Commercial Washroom|Toilet Accessories

Ozwashroom specialises in toilet accessories australia, bathroom accessories, washroom accessoriesbathroom supplies, bathroom accessories Australia, washroom productswe also sell paper towel bulk. Some people type oz-washroom or oz washroom or even with "s" such as ozwashrooms, All those terms will be directed to ozwashroom.com, Our main marker is the commercial sector of the building industry, we supply commercial washroom supplies, accessories bath, bathroom accessories online, and we are based in Victoria but we supply all over Australia from Cairns to Karatha, we are the biggest online washroom accessories store in Melbourne for bathroom accessories supplies, which include hand dryers and dispensers as well as paper towels.
Waste BinWaste Bin

Proudly Australian owned and managed, Metlam manafactures some of the highest quality washroom equipment. Their range of waste bins include a variety of wall mounted and free standing models, also some of those that come in combinations units. They are all made of heavy duty materials suitable for high commercial use.

Paper Towel DispensersPaper Towel DispensersMetlam's paper towel dispensers are made of high grade stainless steel finished in a nice satin finish. Models availble for the interleaved sheets and the rolls. All widely used in commercial washrooms and kitchens.
Soap DishesSoap DishesSoap dishes are popularly used in washrooms today, especially those with shower facilities. Looking for some high grade units to put into your shower? Why not purchase some Metlam products? They are an Australian loved company that specialise in manafacturing high quality washroom products, and you can purchase them through us today!
Soap DispensersSoap Dispensers
Metlam's soap dispensers are loved for their wide variety and durable contructions. They are bound to have the dispenser suitable for your washroom! Options include surface, recessed and counter mounted, push up and push down manual dispensers as well as automatic. Contact us today for more info!

Towel RailsTowel Rails
To add the final touches to your washroom, you need some towel rails! Metlam's great rainge of towel rails are suitable for commercial and domestic use, designed with heavy duty stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Some options include single and double rails and various sizes to suit all users.
Metlam has many options for shelving units for your washroom that are fabricated of stainless steel or glass materials. Shelves are available in a variety of sizes to suit all users. Some models include handy features like soap dishes and even toilet roll holders. Find the best for your storing needs with metlam's range.

Toilet Roll DispensersToilet Roll Dispensers
Time to replace your toilet roll holders, or do you just want to freshen up your washroom? Metlam has some great choices for you to choose from that suit your needs. Single and double holders are available in surface and recesseed options, some include casings or 'hoods'. All are made of heavy duty stainless steel materials for long lasting commerical use

Three in One UnitsThree in One Units
Combination units are great for the convenience of getting the washroom essentials all in one unit! Metlam's combination units are all made of heavy duty construction; fabricated of stainelss steel with seemless welding. All of the combo units include paper towel dispensers and waste bins, and some have the added feature of a hand dryer. Compare models today!

Metlam's hooks are great for their versatility; they suit any commercial or domestic spaces. With a wide range including different styles available, there's certainly a hook for you! 
Hand DryersHand Dryers
Metlam range of hand dryers include some of the smallest high speed hand dryers with low power consumption. They are great commercial units made of heavy grade stainless steel with different finishes available. These are great reliable units that dry hands quickly. 

Baby Change StationBaby Change Station
Metlams great commercial baby change tables are available in vertical and horizontal options, fabricated of stainless steel or high grade polypropylene materials. These baby change table stations can be surface mounted or recessed. See more details including some of their great features!
Toilet Partition HWToilet Partition HW